The study program is designed to offer background knowledge in the core topics of the SFB and training in the skills relevant to the doctoral student‘s career stage. The vast majority of the teaching activities is held in English. Visiting scientists contribute to the lectures, seminars and journal clubs offered for the doctoral students. The program features the following teaching activities:
  • Lectures, seminars and courses specifically offered to students of the training group. This comprises a weekly lecture on scientific core topics of the SFB, journal clubs dealing with key papers relevant to the work of the students, methods seminars with discussion of methods and analysis techniques relevant to the SFB, weekly internal research seminars of the groups participating in the SFB, and a 5-day laboratory course (only once during the whole thesis period) where each doctoral student has to visit a different lab to get acquainted with other relevant approaches and experiments. 
  • Lectures open to both students of the training group and other students. These comprise SFB colloquia with external speakers, as well as lecture classes jointly held by the Faculty of Psychology and Faculty of the HCNS providing background knowledge on topics in cognitive neuroscience and relevant methods. 
  • Training of additional skills for students of the training group. Workshops and courses are offered to the students of the research training group that aim at training of additional relevant skills. These include an introduction to Matlab programming, a course on scientific writing, a workshop on presentation skills, a seminar dealing with issues of good scientific practise and data protection, an optional course on personal time and goal management and a FELASA B course on animal research techniques and animal protection. 
  • Annual retreat for doctoral students: A student retreat is organized each year with participation of all the doctoral students of the SFB. During this retreat, the students present project proposals or progress reports. Keynote speakers are selected and invited by the students. In addition to the student retreat, the doctoral students attend the annual working retreat of the SFB which serves a more general discussion of the results obtained in the projects of the SFB. 
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