This is the announcement of the 2nd annual SFB 936 Best Paper Awards. The award winning papers must be of excellent quality, report outstanding research related to the SFB 936, and must be published in international journals. Winning criteria refer to creativity and originality, as reflected in new findings and insights, novel methods, innovations, or applications.

The two awards of 1000 € will be given in two categories, (a) postdoc and (b) PhD student. Authors can apply if:
  • they are member of the SFB 936 as well as first author of the paper,
  • the paper is at least accepted and not older than one year at the date of the submission deadline,
  • and the SFB 936 is acknowledged in the paper.
How to apply?
  • The author must submit the full paper by September 15, 2017.
  • A PDF of the paper and application form (please download below) must be sent to Dr. Sina Trautmann-Lengsfeld, Dept. of Neurophysiology and     Pathophysiology (, Tel. 040-7410-57238).
  • Further information is available at
Submitted papers will be reviewed by the SFB 936 speakers and the SFB 936 Scientific Advisory Board.

Andreas K. Engel, Christian Gerloff
Speakers of SFB 936

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